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Cosmetic Dentistry in Lubbock

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Proudly Providing Dentures, Bridges, And Crowns Right Here In Lubbock

From single tooth repairs to full dental replacements, our team here at LBK Dental has you covered. We’re offering the best Bridges, Crowns, and Dentures procedures in Lubbock and beyond. Our team of professional dentists and hygienists can help you better understand your issue and find a long-lasting solution in no time.

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What’s The Right Fit For You? Let Our Dental Experts Help You Make The Right Decision

It’s no secret: oral health can be complicated. That’s why our team is here to help through every step of the process.

Our comprehensive consultations give us the chance to better understand your issues and provide you with the best solutions right away. Whether you’re dealing with nagging pain, chronic tooth loss, or a combination of them both, we can help you find the right fit.

Our dental services here in Lubbock include:
  • Crowns: If you’ve got a damaged or decaying tooth, a crown may be the best option. We can create a mold of your tooth and provide sturdy protection that will put an end to your pain and prevent further damage. Crowns can address decay, damage, and broken teeth in no time.
  • Bridges: If you’re missing multiple teeth, a bridge can provide you with immediate relief. Using crowns on your existing teeth as an anchor, we can arrange artificial teeth to provide support and protection where your natural teeth once were. Bridges provide durable, long-lasting performance.
  • Dentures: Our dentures give you the chance to replace every tooth you once had, providing sturdy, durable teeth to protect your gums and tissue. We offer complete and partial dentures procedures and we provide fitted denture pieces for maximum comfort and effectiveness. PLUS, we’re happy to offer readjustments and repairs as needed.

Learn More About Lubbock’s Leader In Crowns, Bridges, And Dentures

There’s no reason to wait. Come see us today at LBK Dental and receive professional dental services paired with a friendly, dedicated staff. We’re proud to be Lubbock’s leader in Dentures, Crowns, and Bridges and we can’t wait to help you put an end to oral discomfort.

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